Chocolate Bar Small Vending Machine

Chocolate Bar Small Vending Machine

Chocolate vending machine is a kind of modern automatic vending equipment used for selling chocolate bars. Featuring high product visibility and module design, it is well received and highly praised by consumers. The automatic chocolate vending machine mainly consists of powder coated steel cabinet, coin acceptor, bill validator, system board, motor and spiral. Pukui is a full-service manufacturer of small vending machines in China. Our products have gained CE certification. Waterproof stainless steel cabinet and front door open design contributes to easy installation and maintenance of mini chocolate vending machines.Customers can buy packed medicines by coin or IC card.

1. The small vending machine is simple to use and attractively designed.
2. This vending equipment can accept coins or bills from many countries. It also gives change.
3. The automatic chocolate vending machine can diagnose itself automatically. The diagnosis results will be delivered promptly to the operator, which facilitates day-to-day maintenance.
4. Made of high quality steel, the color of machine surface is difficult to fade.
5. The small vending machine adopts waterproof and wall-mounted structure, which makes it convenient for installation.

Operation and Maintenance Attentions
1. We need to know the exact dimension of the products for vending.
2. Our company provides one year warranty for the broken parts of small chocolate vending machines. Customers can contact us via email or phone for after sale service.

Packaging and Transportation
We package automatic small vending machines in carton for ordinary order. For bulk order, we use polywood cases for sea or air transportation.

Technical Parameters of Small Chocolate Vending Machine

Item Parameter
Voltage AC 110V, 60Hz/AC 220V, 50Hz
Total Power 30 W
Weight 35 kg
Size of Goods W (110 mm to 60 mm), D (60 mm to 10 mm), H (50 mm to 1 mm)
Capacity of Coin Acceptor 1000 pcs
Dimension 550 mm × 200 mm × 850 mm (W × D × H)
Packing Dimension 600 mm × 250 mm × 900 mm (W × D × H)
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