Standard Water Vending Machine

Standard Water Vending Machine

Standard water vending machine is usually placed in the community. This water vending equipment can automatically sell pure water. It provides 24-hour pure drinking water for customers. Adopting filtration and purification technology, this machinery can supply drinking water in accordance with national standards. Made from stainless steel and powder-coated steel, Pukui standard water vending machinery is extremely reliable and easy to service and maintain. This water vending equipment mainly consists of RO membrane, filter, powder coated steel cabinet, coin acceptor, bill validator and system board.

1. Customers can buy purified water by coin or IC card.
2. Standard water vending machine can handle source water with poor water quality.
3. With pre-treatment sand and carbon filters, this automatic water vending equipment realizes strong pretreatment and reversed flushing to reduce using cost.
4. Water production capacity is from 400 GPD (1500 L) to 3000 GPD (11350 L) per day. The water sales capacity can be flexibly adjusted according to customers' needs.
5. Equipped with digital water vend counter, this water vending machinery can record the vending situation.

Operation and Maintenance Attentions
1. We need to know the source water quality and choose a standard water vending equipment with proper water production capacity.
2. Our company provides one year warranty for the standard water vending machine's broken parts and offers excellent after-sale service.

Packaging and Transportation
We package standard water vending equipment in carton for ordinary order. For bulk order, we use polywood cases for sea or air transportation.

Technical Parameters of Standard Water Vending Machine

Sub-Model Daily Production Power Input Voltage Source Water UV Lamp Ozone Recycle Rate Desalting Rate
RO-300-BZ-400 400GPD 220W AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz Tap Water 20W 1000mg 30-45% 98%
RO-300-BZ-600 600GPD 260W 20W 1000mg 30-45% 98%
RO-300-BZ-800 800GPD 300W Tap Water 20W 1000mg 30-45% 98%
RO-300-BZ-1300 1300GPD 510W 20W 1000mg 30-45% 98%
RO-300-BZ-1600 1600GPD 1550W Tap Water 20W 1000mg 30-45% 98%
RO-300-BZ-3000 3000GPD 1950W 20W 1000mg 30-45% 98%

Located in Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province, Pukui Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd is close to Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. With this favorable geographic position, we share a very convenient transportation and sell over 15 kinds of tailor-made self-service water vending machines (water vending equipment) to over 20 countries including USA, Canada, England, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. We also provide ice vending machine, mini vending machine and water filling machine.

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